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Okra - Health benefits and culinary uses

Summary: Okra or perhaps ladies’ finger is certainly a popular vegetable. Its nutritional value is appreciated by scientists. Nearly all cuisines in planet use this vegetable as ingredient in one or the other famous dish. Naturopaths eulogize this specific fruit for its immense medicinal properties.…

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Dry Coconut

Entirely ready coconuts should dried out together with the husks on, for getting dry out coconuts. This method contributes to evaporation of the coconut water as well as detachment of the kernel from coconut shell.  Dried out coconuts are generally processed in order to acquire oil.  Typically the o…

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Manifold advantages of Coconut Tree

Coconut tree has a botanical name Cocos Nucifera. The name COCO was initially termed by Spanish explorers as this nut was similar to face of the monkey. Within India the coconut tree is normally eulogized as “Kalpavriksha”, which means desire full filling divine tree. It full fills all the needs of …

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